will flac show up in file name when used?

 Finished firmware update for 8G Fuze. Downloaded wav files to uSD card and they play fine. Tried flac to to get album info. Files don’t say flac & Fuze won’t play them. Used Media Monkey to rip the cd. It says its set to flac. Confused.



p.s.  love the new Fuze sleep function!

I’m not too familiar with MediaMonkey, but I’d assume that you would need to install FLAC support in Windoze with the installer here: FLAC - Downloads . If that doesn’t work, and you have access to a Linux computer, try ripping the CD from there. This should be easy enough if the computer in question is using KDE - just open Konqueror, type in audiocd:/ in the Location Bar, and drag and drop the files over to the Fuze or another convenient location to transfer over to your other computer and load them onto the Fuze from the other computer.