Sansa Fuze is Skipping over songs without Playing

I bought my son a Sansa Fuze for his birthday and I loaded about 130 songs via Microsoft Media Player.  I acquired the songs by ripping various CD’s into media player.  The CD’s are older (Led Zepplin, Van Halen, Ozzy, Queen etc…).  I had no problems doing this and the songs show up on the Fuze along with all information, including the album covers.  However when I try to play the songs on the FUZE it simply skips them.  I checked the file format and it indicates they are WAV files, which I understand are compatible.  It seems to be songs on particular albums are being skipped.  I also checked the properties tab to ensure they are not protected and they are not.

Any help/advise would be GREATLY appreciated

Humm, strange. You could try encoding them in FLAC, and what happens.

FLAC stands for “Free Lossless Audio Codec”, so you won’t lose quality in the process :wink:

I just tossed a .wav onto my Fuze and it played fine, so I don’t know what’s going wrong. 

If you haven’t updated the firmware–there are sticky notes with instructions at the top of the forum–then you should. 

But basically I just don’t trust anything coming out of Windows Media Player. It keeps trying to automate things and send over hidden information. So instead of trying to figure out what’s going on with the .wav files, I’d suggest deleting them from the Fuze and redoing them as mp3 files, which are much more widely compatible.

For one thing, there’s no reason to use .wav on a little portable player through tiny earbuds–it’s just a waste of storage space.  You would be better off ripping to mp3 (at high quality, 192 kbps or above–320 if you are a fanatic). 

Are you ripping the albums onto your computer first, and then copying them over?  That’s what I’d suggest. Go ahead and use Windows Media Player to rip them to mp3 if you want (the settings are under Rip Music, switch to .mp3 and higher quality), into some folder on your computer. 

Then switch the Fuze under Settings/USB Mode to MSC, and just drag-and-drop the album/folder onto the unit. MSC makes it work like a flash drive–none of WMPlayer’s automation or sneaky stuff. You can name a folder ZOSO if you want and drag all the albums into it. With the newest firmware, the Fuze will read information from the ID3 tags that Windows Media Player got online, or navigate by Folders and filenames if you prefer.  

I’m a Mac user, and I encountered a similar problem several weeks ago.  I had dragged some mp3 files from my Mac to my Fuze.  While the mp3 files appeared on my Fuze, duplicate unrecognizable “ghost” files also showed up.  This caused the Fuze to skip over the recognizable mp3 files. I solved the problem by downloading a free downloadable program called Mucommander, which enabled me to look inside the Fuze and delete the “ghost” files.

Different problem entirely.

Ripping to mp3 on MacOSX makes mp3s plus navigation files like ._1Title. The Fuze can’t play the navigation files since they’re only 1KB.  So yes, they have to go.