Fuze and wav

Ripped a cd in wav and it shows on Fuze screen but skips it to go to non wav songs. Checked the card in another computer and they are wav and they do play in the computer. Sandisk site says Fuze will play wav. Whats wrong. It plays mp3 and wma fine. Using Windows media player to rip.


barondla (not sure I’m ready for this computer audio yet)!

Have you updated the firmware?

It should play WAV, but FLAC would be a better choice for lossless audio.  FLAC is roughly 65% the size of an uncompressed wav and supports tags.  WAVs don’t support normal tagging standards, so Sansa players won’t be able to get album, artist, title, genre info from them. They will always show up as “Unknown”.

WMP can’t handle FLAC natively, so if you wan’t to give it a try, you might want to consider Winamp.  Winamp can rip and playback FLAC natively.

To add support for OGG and FLAC to WMP11 use these two links. They will install a Direct show filter and tag support extender .

Using these I can play FLAC and OGG files in WMP11.




No, didn’t think of firmware update. New to computer audio.



Skinjob, thanks for the explanation of why unknown keeps showing up with wav. This stuff gets complicated fast.



Just bought a new silver 8gb Fuze. Will work on updating it soon. Will check out FLAC. Don’t think my computer has winamp. Is it expensive?



Winamp is free as is Media Monkey, and Windows Media player just an FYI.

Winamp is free.  There is a Pro version for $20 that adds faster ripping/burning and MP3 encoding.  The free version can play MP3s, but can’t create them.  However, the free version can create/encode just about every other format known to man (FLAC and Ogg Vorbis included).

MediaMonkey is similar.  The free version is very full featured, but the $20 Gold version has a few important extras.  Winamp and MM Both crush WMP.

In my opinion, $20 is cheap for what you get with either Winamp or MediaMonkey.  Both are definitely worth it.
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