why won't my cruzer play in a car stereo after i attempted to use it for a

why won’t my cruzer play in a car stereo after i attempted to use it for a bootable flash drive via clonezilla in windows 10? i’ve reformatted not quick with ?xfat but my car stereo will no longer read the drive, am frustrated as its 64gb

seems like it may have something to do with clonezilla being a linux system. so once attempted to use the USB as a linux flashdrive, is it forever unusable as a car stereo drive, I’m confused

The factory format of 64MB drives is exFAT.  However some older equipment only accepts FAT32 format drives.  Check the car stereo’s manual to see what format it requires.

FYI Easy2Boot creates bootable Linux systems, on FAT32 drives, so the drive can then be used for Linux, Windows and maybe even car stereos without loosing anything in between uses.

ok well if exfat is the default, and the drive HAD/WAS working fine. and now i’ve reformatted to exfat and it DOES not work, I sorta assume that there must be some other issue, any ideas? I didn’t do a quick format I did a slow one. which took about 3-4 hours in windows 10 with my current system. thanks for your help in advance

Well, older drives use to be formated as a Super Floppy;  no MBR, no partition table.  I don’t believe Windows format has that capability.  The factory format also takes into account starting block alignment.  I don’t believe Windows format takes that into consideration either.  Whether either of these factors plays a role in your problem I don’t know.  But between your clonedisk and formatting activities I can pretty much quarantee the drive’s current format does not match the format the drive had when it left the factory, and worked for you.  How to get it back to a format that works for your car stereo I have no idea.

This is why I haven’t been an advocate for blindly formatting removable drives in a long time.  Things ain’t the way they were years ago.  Sorry.

ed, i guess, i’m a bit surprised san disk doesn’t provide some kind of tool to “factory reset” the formatting , not sure why it should be complicated, but is Cruzer Glide really THAT old?

only thing i can see in the car stereo manual is : " usb equipped with data security functions can’t be played" " “unit can’t recognize device with rating is other than 5V or > 1 A” and “do not use usb device with 2 or more partitions” there is notthing about format in the manual

my drive was / is 64GB NOT 64 MB fwiw

my drive was / is 64GB NOT 64 MB fwiw

Typo on my part.  Sorry.

is Cruzer Glide really THAT old?

No, but my use of USB drives is.  :wink:

As far as I know ALL car stereos need the flash drive or memory card (w/card reader) inserted into the USB port to be formatted as FAT32 in order for them to be able to read it. Therre may be some brand-new vehicles that will accept and read the newer larger drives formatted as exFAT but I haven’t heard of them yet.