Sandisk Cruzer won't play certain CD tracks in car?

I have a 64GB Sandisk Cruzer which I have half -filled with CD tracks.All of these play perfectly on my PC but in my car about a third of the CD tracks,apparently complete albums,are just not there.Can anyone explain this please and let me know if there is a solution to the problem?

Thanks in advance from a UK customer who is not very computer savvy so please treat me gently!

If I were to guess…   the car’s system is designed to work with usb drives smaller than 32MB.  Your’s is too big.  New large drives have a different format system than the smaller ones. Smaller drives are formated FAT32, larger drives are formated exFAT.

Check the car’s manual and see what it says about the stereo’s requirements.

And if that turns out to be the case, you can re-format your 64GB drive to FAT32 to make it readable. That’s what we have to do too here in the States. You’ll have to re-load all your music as formatting will erase everything that’s on it, but that’s a small price to pay in order to use the drive in the car.

Another possibility is perhaps your car’s stereo head unit has a database limitation, to where it won’t “see” over a certain number of files. This should also be notated somewhere in your manual or perhaps an online forum for your particular make/model of car.

I’ve got a 64GB flash drive re-formatted to FAT32 in my car and have over 4000 tracks on it and have run into no problems.

Of course, it won’t help your car drive on the right side of the road though.  :laughing:

Why does the usb flasd drive(64) play songs alphabetically and not Track 1, 2 etc? When i click on an entire album, it starts with songs beginning with A, and not track 1 off the album?

Why does the Sandisk (64 gb) play the tracks off an entire album alphabetically and not by track number, this is very annoying, is ther any way to correct this?

I suspect your car’s cd player reads the drive’s directory to play the tracks.  Check your car’s cd player manual and see if there is another option.  

Or, check the manual of the software used to copy the cd tracks to the usb drive and see if it has an option to write them in track order.

Or, rename the files on the usb drive to include the track number at the beginning of their name.  And use a 2 digit number for each track name; ie 01songX, 02songZ, 03songY, in case you have a cd with more than 9 songs.  1songX and 10songW will sort before 2songZ.


Thank you for taking the time to help----------------Cheers