32gb sandisk cruze won't read anything beyond 8gb

i load my music on a 32gb sandisk cruze to play in my car, but any songs beyound 8gb won’t play & error out… tried reformating, but same thing: good for first 8gb, then unplayable. Please help, thanks.

Is this a new 32GB card? Are you sure it’s not counterfeit? There’s a lot fo them out there.

You can check it with h2testw.

brand new retail usb flash drive… won’t play any music past 8gb.

Oops! :dizzy_face:

Sorry, I missed that. You did say it was a Cruzer flash drive . . . My reply was geared to memory “cards” as we hear similar stories about the 32GB. My mistake, my fingers hit the gas before my brain was in gear. :stuck_out_tongue:

Are you sure your car can handle USB drives larger than 8GB?  If you can write more than 8GB of music to the drive it doesn’t sound like a USB drive problem.