Sandisk Cruzer Fit 16GB format problem


I have a 16GB Cruzer Fit that I use mostly for mp3 playback on my car frontloader. It has been working well for about a year already in the frontloader.

I was messing around trying to make a windows live bootable flash drive which invovled using “win to usb” formatting applications on the Cruzer. Once I was done experimenting I wanted to use it as an MP3 flash drive again for my car. So I used Windows 7 native formatting tool to format it to FAT32 before putting MP3s back on. The mp3s are back on the newly formatted Cruzer 16GB but the car frontloader will now not recognise the drive anymore.

I believe the problem was caused by the various formatting tools i used. Is there any way to get the drive back to its original state? 

Try formatting this to NTFS. That should fix it for you. <img src=“”/>

Highly unlikely the car will recognize a NTFS drive.  imo

I believe the problem was caused by the various formatting tools i used.

I agree.  USB drives usually created in a SuperFloppy format,, the media is treated as a single partition.  No partition table and no MBR I think.  I suspect your drive has both of these at this point and the car can’t handle it.

See if you can find a utility that will format the Cruzer as a superfloppy.  RMPREPUSB may be able to do it.

Ok, I got it working thanks for the help.

I had a 2nd 16gb Cruzer fit that was already working so I used a  “HDD RAW COPY” app. to clone the working USB drive to the one that was not working.

The freeware app found here:

This developer has other cool apps too along these lines.