Why only 4gb?

What is the largest flash memory player out there?  Why doesn’t SanDisk make the next Clip at least 8-16gb?

I just entered the mp3 player world by purchasing a 2gb Clip for my 10 year old son.  It sounds great!  Now I want one, but I want it in at least a 16gb version, so I can rip my files at a higher quality and have a decent selection on my player.

I couldn’t care less about watching videos.  All I want is great sounding music.  Give me a 16-32gb Sansa Clip (w/ gapless playback) and I’d be in portable heaven.

16gb and 32gb flash players are out there.  *Creative Zen, $299, 32gb. 

(edit:  Oops–can I say that here?)

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Sansa View comes in 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB.

(Thanks, SansaMe; and of course I meant no offense, as a loyal Clip devotee …)

(Thanks, SansaMe; and of course I meant no offense, as a loyal Clip devotee …  And thanks, Tweet, for the information as well.)

Yeah- it’s sad that virtually all the high-capacity players out there are loaded with stuff like video playback and touch-screens and all kinds of frills that I don’t want or need, and which I am not willing to pay for (and which also increase the size of the players significantly). 4 gigs is plenty for me (I only have a 2 gig now)…but it would indeed be nice if they offered the Clip in even higher capacities, for people like us, who want the great sound quality that the Clip offers, without all the frills of the other players.

I’ve looked into those, but I’m not interested in paying for the video playback capabilities.  Also, according to a few reviews I’ve read the sound quality isn’t the same (as good) as the Clip.  So I guess the SansaView is really the product that irritates me.  It’s a flash player with 32gb, but instead of higher sound quality of the Clip you get video playback capabilities.

It would have been nice if they took the exact “sound guts” out of the clip and put it in the View.  If they would have, I’d be probably be holding one in my hands right now, even though the price would reflect the video aspect.

What I really want is a 32gb SansaClip, even if they need to increase the physical size a bit to do it.  Market these as the “music lovers’ choice”, and SanDisk is in the money.

The only other tweak I’d like to see is gapless playback.

In time there will be. Either a Clip a something similar. It’s got more to do with market strategies and product positioning than with technical/engineering constraints, I believe. …
:stuck_out_tongue:  But “patience” is not always a popular advice!

Don’t forget the e200 series players in the v2 version!  These have the sound quality of the clip, plus expansion via the Micro SD /HC port.

And they’re not as big as the View.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: