So bummed about my Clip+

I have owned 3 Clips and a Fuze and I just love Sansa products.  To me the Clip was the ultimate mp3 player – it had everything I wanted (and few things I didn’t want!) in a tiny package.  I’m definitely not someone who cares to watch video on a tiny little screen.  I ordered a new “2 GB” Clip+ since my latest Clip got rained on during a long run, and the screen doesn’t work (I’ve used it for months with no screen).  I went with the 2GB size on purpose because I want to force myself to be really selective about what I included, with the goal of coming up with a set of songs that never had me skipping to the next track.  My Fuze is for holding a larger music library for long trips and such.

I opened the box and was a little taken aback.  It looked bigger, and who decided to put a sticker on my mp3 player?  Oh well, I liked that it wasn’t glossy and I’m sure the new features will be useful.  Then I tried to copy over my music from my old “2 GB” Clip to my new “2 GB” Clip+.  Not only is there not enough space, the difference is like 200MB.  I did the math and my new “2 GB” Clip+ holds 13% less music than my old “2 GB” Clip!  Thats like one out of every 8 songs I have to delete.  I am sure there is a valid technical reason for this, but I feel like an idiot for spending $13 more to get 13% less.

SD: when you are designing the Clip++ I strongly recommend you make it cost $5 more and include enough memory that it holds the same amount of music as a Clip+ of the same capacity.

What a disappointment.

The Clip+ has some features that the Old Clip doesnt so it has different space requirements for the Firmware and the Database. For a lot of people these new features are well worth the 13%.

I do however wish Sandisk would add the required space to the product info or even increase the memory to accommodate the reserved space and still be the advertised size.

I’m just too in love with the original Clip.  You can’t improve on perfection (though you might be able to make it a little bit smaller).  At least now I know to get one while I still can…

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You’ll like the Clip+ even more when you order an 8GB card, reasonable at $15-$20, for it (or a 4GB card for $10-$12 shipped) … :wink:

I have a few cards I could use.  I just felt frustrated at not being able to drag my music over from my old player to my new one, because my new one is drastically smaller.  That usually isn’t the way upgrades work.

I’ll find a use for the Clip+ but I don’t know if it will be able to be my player for running like I hoped.  I miss the CLICK CLICK CLICK…

Ah, you were running close to the limits of your device memory.  The new Clip+ is considerably faster than the original Clip.  You’ll notice that functions complete smoother and faster, and music files load and play faster.

Try zipping forward or back between tracks, and you’ll see what I mean.

The Clip+ has borrowed quiet a bit of functionality from the Fuze, including expansion capability through µSDHC.  You must have had a revision 1 Clip; the revision 2 devices use integrated SDRAM, making for a more efficient device.  The slightly smaller capacity is a tradeoff for the new capabilities, and you can make up for this via a µSD card.

My only gripe with the new machine is the volume rocker.  I prefer a slightly larger bump for the controls; finding up/down can be a challenge sometimes.  The new power button is nice.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: