Sansa Clip--->Sansa Clip+

Hi there, i’m just about to change my Sansa Clip 8gb to a Sansa Clip+ 8gb, i was wondering, it really worth? And how can i do a complete backup to the Clip?

Thanks for your answers!

I have both the Clip and Clip+. The main benefits of the Clip+ over the Clip are the card slot and folder browsing. The Clip+ has a slightly smaller battery than the Clip, at 290 mah vs 330 mah, however this is made up for by the lack of the blue lights around the buttons on the Clip which are not present on the Clip+, so battery life of the two might be somewhat comparable depenging on your usage. If you find that you need

more storage than 8GB, then a Clip+(or Fuze) might be a good idea. I also have a Fuze, and enjoy the larger screen on the Fuze, the scroll wheel which makes navigation much easier than on the Clip or Clip+(especially

if you have many songs and like to pick individual songs rather then having albums or playlists play through), and the longer battery life on the Fuze. When I am very active I prefer the smaller form factor of the Clip/Clip+ and built in clip and let albums play through. When I am home I use the Fuze and often choose individual songs to play. The Fuze gets around 20 hours battery life compared to around 12 for the Clip or Clip+(using mp3 files, and taking measures to conserve the battery like no equilizer, low screen brightness, and short screen time). 

Wow thank you very much. I’ll wait to a second point of view.

I’ve also had Clips, Clip+s and Fuzes; and I tend to favor the Fuze.  The form factor of the Clip series is just a bit small for my ease of use.  I just find the Fuze a bit more user friendly and videos and cover art notwithstanding, I just like the larger screen of the Fuze.

If I had it to do over again, I probably would by-pass the Clip (original) altogether.  Not that it is a bad unit, but the expansion slot is just about essential for my needs in a small flash based player.

Your needs may vary.

Indeed, having the µSD card expansion capability is such an improvement.  Being able to change the day’s music by swapping a wee card is a breath of fresh air.

I agree with GB, my older eyes are quite happy with the larger display of the Fuze, but the size of the Clip is its primary advantage when on-the-go.  I love the Clip for listening to audiobooks and the news when running about.

Bob  :stuck_out_tongue:

There are rumors that Sandisk will announce a new player on March 23. You might want to wait until at least then to see what the new player is, and how much it will cost. Since you already have a Clip, you might want to consider getting the new player or a Fuze, unless perhaps you plan to give away or sell your Clip. I find it very useful to have both a Clip/clip+ and a Fuze since I use them differently.

 One further comment. The Clip and Clip+ have a mini USB connector, while the Fuze has a proprietary connector. I bought some small external lion battery packs to use with my clip/clip+. These battery packs come with a very compact mini USB cable. If I want to use these packs with my Fuze, I need to carry the huge USB cable that came with my Fuze.

The strong point of the Clip+ is the card slot, otherwise I like the build quality of the Clip better. Square sides are easier to hold than tapered ones. The rear cover of the Clip+ is thin material and more flexible than the Clip. The clip itself is replaceable on the original Clip and the Clip+ is not mounted sturdy. The display is replaceable in the original Clip via its Zif cable and the Clip+ has its display cable directly mounted to the mainboard. They are both nice affordable players though!