Fuze or Clip+?

Which one is better and has fewer problems?

Fuze or Fuze+? Fuze.

Fuze+ or Clip+? Clip+

Fuze or Clip+? You want to see video and album art and slightly longer battery life? Fuze. If you can still find any.

No? Clip+

Album art, but no video? Clip Zip.

I mainly use my MP3 player for  music don’t really care for album but slightly longer battery life. I wanna know  what’s the difference beween the two when comes to battery life. you make it sound like the Fuze and Clip+ are about the same. Is this true?

Depends a lot of your usage habits, like how often the screen is on and how long it is on. Skip songs a lot? More backlight use, shorter battery life.

The Fuze is a larger device and threrefore holds a larger battery so no, they are not the same in battery life between charges.

Real life guestimate?

Clip+: 7-10 hours.

Fuze: 10-15 hours.


For what it’s worth the Clip+ is really cheap at this point–especially because it has the microSD slot, so the built-in memory size is not so relevant.

4GB for $31,


Do not buy the Fuze+.


Fuze not Fuze+

Go with Clip. It’s so much handy and easier to operate. At least that’s just me.