Buying Sansa Clip and Memory Card

I am about to buy a Sansa Clip. I was planning on getting a 2GB mp3 and buying a 16GB Memory Card.
My question is, will they work together? Will a 16GB card work in a 2GB player? And, does the Memory Card have to be SanDisk, or can it be any company?

Your help and answers would be greatly appreciated!

The Clip does not have a card slot, only the Clip+ and Clip Zip. Any size up to the maximum 32GB will work. Any brand should work, but there have been reports of some brands not working with the Zip model. That was supposedly addressed in a firmware update, but to play to safe I’d buy a SanDisk brand.

And you might consider getting a larger capacity player than 2GB. The addtional cost isn’t much and that extra room will come in handy. Music libraries have a tendency to grow, especially now that you have a cool little listening gizmo to load them onto. :wink:

There have been a few reports of issues with Samsung cards.  Personally, I’d avoid buying one for Sandisk’s line of players.

And I even recall seeing some posts about issues with SanDisk cards. :frowning: Personally, I’d only buy a microSD card–whatever the make–from a source I could return to, in case there is an issue. Unfortunately, there seem to be lots of counterfeit cards out there.