Why it take so long to fast-forward in a song, or in a podcast? !

Jees!  It takes me 3 times longer to fast-forward in a song…  and It doesn’t increase in speed.  Sansa clip used to be great at fast-forward and rewind… But this Sports-clip takes forever!

In other words, when I fast-forward, it should double and triple in speed if I hold the button down.  It should increase in speed quantitatively when fast-forwarding just by holding down the fast-forward button, but this Sports-Clip does no such thng!

So, who put this software together for it?  Beginners or something?!  This is ridiculous,  I can’t believe it!

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It may be due to the less-powerful chip in the newer models (Sport & Jam); firmware is limited by what the hardware can deliver.

This slow fast forward is HUGE problem when listening to audiobooks. If you lose your place on one of these you might as well start from the top or start it and set a timer for hours or whatever. Very annoying.

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You are so, so correct. Loose your place in an audiobook and you’re pretty much cooked. And, I’ve found no matter how carefully you pause the book and power down the clip, when you connect to a computer to recharge, the resume option on the Clip takes you to the the beginning. Not much fun when listening to War and Peace. Previous models of the Clip were much, much more friendly to the audiobook user. I guess the older clips are still available but at about twice the price for some reason. Go figure.