Fast forward very slow?

I’m noticing forwarding with the Jam takes forever. It does not matter how long or hard you hold the button, it will only speed up for a few seconds, stop and speed up again. This is a real pain if you listen to long audio files or books spanning hours. I see no option to change the speed so I guess it is this way for everyone. Please fix this is firmware revision.

Yes, I agree.  Wewant the FF like the old clip.  This is much too slow.

Agreed.  I am seriously considering sending mine back simply because of how awful the ff/rewind function is.  As someone who mainly uses her player to listen to lengthy audio files, this is a major issue.  Why on earth would they design such a basic function so poorly? I miss my old Clip Plus :( 


As an audiobook player, the Clip Jam is a failure on multiple levels. Not being able to quickly scan to any part of a 4+ hour long file is brutal. And not being able to play shorter files in order is even worse.