Precise rewinding (like 5 seconds) on this model? Or any model?

Ever since the Clip Zip, I miss having the ability to rewind by 5 seconds or so. I have the Clip Jam now and the best I can do is 20 or 30 seconds if I’m real quick with the press. I’m wondering if they’ve fixed this on any of the newer models?

Just to vent, I don’t know why they changed the ff/rewind algorithms. It’s worse now in every way. You can’t go forward or back by a few seconds. If you have to get to the end of a long podcast, it takes forever - compared to the Clip Zip. I don’t get this. Somebody already wrote the code for all of this. Then they abandoned it and wrote new code for a ff/rewind algorithm that’s inferior in every way. Why would they do that? Job security?

So yeah, if they’ve fixed any of this, please let me know and I’ll scratch the previous paragraph.:stuck_out_tongue: Othewise, I’ll probably need to switch brands. I listen to alot of confusing educational type podcasts where you need to be able to rewind by 4 or 5 seconds alot. It’s getting really frustrating having to listen to 30 seconds of material every time I rewind.


the rewind in the clip sport plus is the same as the jam.

these newer players are a complete different hardware, software, and FW platform than previous players. Code from one cannot be used on the other. 

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Thanks drlucky. That makes sense. So it sound like the Clip Zip version of ff/rew had multiple speed levels, with the slowest speed being the one that allowed me to rewind 5 seconds. Then with newer models, for whatever reason, they chose not to add the multiple speeds option. So they had to choose one speed somewhere in the middle. If they chose the slow speed option I like, it would be insanely slow for long rewinds. If they chose the fast speed option alot of people would probably like, then short rewinds would go from 20-30 seconds as it is now, to 1 or 2 minutes probably. So the speed they chose had to try and be a one size fits all option somewhere in the middle. Does that sound about right?

you got it :slight_smile:

Couldn’t this be added via a future software update? I’ve been a long time user and this issue just get more and more annoying with time; a fix would remove my biggest frustration with these devices and leave me a happy customer.