A Few Questions About Clip+

I just ordered my Clip+ off Amazon, and I’m excited to receive it soon! Amazon has literal thousands of positive reviews.

I had a few questions:

  • In the few other players I had, they would turn off the backlight in their screen after a few seconds to save power. Does the Clip+ do this? I like to listen to music in bed, and a bright screen would distract me.
  • I heard Clip+ has progressive fast forwarding. That is, if you’re listening to a 1-hour podcast for example, you can skip the middle of it in a few seconds. Can the Clip+ fast forward this quickly?
  • When you pause a song/podcast, and then replay, does it pick up right where it left off? On my Sony Walkman, I’d pause a song, replay, and it would skip about two seconds. Very annoying.

Thank you!

  1. You have various options about the backlight. Settings/ System Settings/Backlight gives you choices from 5 seconds to 45 seconds to 5 minutes to 1 hour.

  2. Don’t know what “a few” means but yes, the fast forwarding does speed up as you hold the button.

  3. Pause goes back to where you were, though I don’t remember what happens if it times out–it might go to the beginning of the track.

Thanks for replying, Rectangle. I heard the Clip+ memorises where you were in a podcast, so I should be OK.

Yes it does. That’s one of the best features on Clip+ 

It does it for multiple podcasts too :smiley: Like it was built for them.