Pause button and sleep/powersave issues

Love my Clip+, but there are a couple of real annoyances compared to other players I have had. Maybe there is something I am missing…

  1. Pause often stops working for me. Not sure if this happens in music mode, i typically use it for podcasts, but a significant % of the time when i hit the “play/pause” button, it won’t actually pause, it just cycles to pause and back to play in a flash. I can sometimes get it to work by going back to the main menu and fidgeting around a bit and then coming back to the current song, but that is annoying.

  2. The sleep/powersave operation seems poor in general. i would like it to just turn off after a few seconds if i stop the player- my walkman does this (if i hit pause and lay it down and forget to turn it off, it powers down almost immediately). With the existing system, it is my understanding that you are just setting a limit for how long it will play with no interaction, with a 15 minute setting, if I am listening to a podcast for 15 minutes, it will just go into powersave. this seems wrong. I don’t mind having the option for a hardcore shutdown, but i would probably set that for an hour and just have the unit turn off if it is paused like other players do.

i am on the original firmware, didn’t see that the new one addressed these issues.


You are aware that sleep and powersave are separate options, right?  Sleep will turn the player off, even if playing, after the set time.  Powersave will not turn the player off if it is playing–it will turn it off if the player is inactive, after the set time.  My assumption is that there are no super-low powersave off settings (like 5, 10, 30 seconds) because the player is using little power if it is not playing (assuming that the display is not on continuously).  I like it as is:  if the player turned itself off a few seconds after everytime I stopped play, I would have to be restarting it continuously–a nuisance.  If you want the player to turn off, it’s pretty easy to just turn it off with the off button.

And it sounds like you have a pause issue there–my pause pauses.

My pause pauses too

Sorry, I forgot to add in that I have sleep set to “off” and it still turns off occasionally. Maybe it isn’t the issue and my player is just a bit flakey. first few times it happened I expected that the battery had died, but it wasn’t even low. I did have the powersave set to 15 minutes tho, so I thought maybe that was shutting it down, too.

 Weird about the pause button. Maybe I will try updating firmware and see if the refreshment shakes some cobwebs loose.


The battery monitor is a little… off.  Hopefully they will fix it in a firmware update, because it switches off at a ridiculous level.

It has been known to shut down randomly for no apparent reason.  But not often, I think 2 or 3 times since I got it.

I also experience issues with the Pause button - I’ve had two Clip+ which have done this (I took the first one back because I was having other issues).

It’s an intermittent thing, and I have to turn the unit off and back on again to fix it. I’ve just upgraded to 01.02.15A, so I’ll see if that changes things.

Still love my Clip+ to bits, though… :slight_smile: