Why does the RMA email, not have a return address?


After many years of satisfiactory use o Sandisk cards for my buiness, I recently had two failures. I contacted Sandisk via the chat widget and they have agreed to replace them (only had them a few weeks and the issue is a known issue).

However, when I received the email that allows the return, it only gives an RMA #. No shipping label, not even an address. I am a little concerned as they also only allow 10 days to get the products to them from what  I can tell. 

Can anyone point me to where I might find the correct information about where to return these cards. 

Thanks for your help, David.


Usually that e-mail will contain a link to or an attachement of a pre-paid shipping label. I’d call back, give them your RMA# and inquire about it.

thanks for the reply. I have contacted them twice now and had only a standard “check these FAQ’s” reply. No real reply yet.

I am a bit disappointed in the system used for this. Not like shopping at B&H.

Did you _ call _ them as I suggested? It’s hard to them to put you off and not give you an answer when you’re on the other end of the phone line.

By e-mailing you’re giving them the opportunity to ignore you or put you off.

Hello Davidwegs,

Please note that SanDisk support is not open on weekends and the standard turn around time for emails is 48 business hours. That said I had support look into your support request. It seems there was an issue with UPS sending the prepaid shipping lables. This issue has been resolved and support has resent your UPS lable. Please check your email for an email from UPS.

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