RMA frustration

I bought 16Gb Sandisk micro SDHC memory card for private usage in the country where I live (Russia).  

The card is malfunction after few months of use (which is “as usual”, actually).

This time I decided to get the replacement. But, I cannot get RMA number since

SanDisk support team in my country claims I need to have:

  1. an import-export  license (!!!???) valid in my country and

  2. have to pay all custom fees by myself for the replacement item as it would be a new one (!!!).

Does it not stupid? Could you imagine that in your country?

Ohh. It’s frustration indeed to deal with SanDisk support. Three months passed since my previous post. And would you like to know what was happened? Look:

  1. I got RMA and sent the card to SanDisk office in Moscow

  2. They informed me that they got nothing.

  3. I send them the proof of delivery. They confirmed that they lost the card and promised to send me the replacement.

  4. UPS tracking number was issued for the replacement, but the replacement card was not transferred to UPS.

  5. I was invited to visit SanDisk office in Moscow in person to pickup the card.

  6. I visited the office at the scheduled time, but they did not have the replacement available.

  7. Finally, I still got nothing after more three months. Of course, I bought another card (with larger capacity). Now it’s just getting interesting - what’s next?

Finally, after 3.5 months of conversations, I have got the replacement card.