Canadian Warranty Depot

I recently replied for an RMA on a 32G Micro SD Card. I received the RMA # via the online support site, but I cannot get anyone to send me the return depot addresss. I understand that Synnex is the Canadian rep, but there seems to be no reponse on where exactly to send my card. The documentation on the suppport website and the interactive email between service rep and myself, constantly refers to using the “address below” which is nowhere to be found in the emails that have been sent to me.

Does anyone know where to send an RMA in Canada?


Ber better to point this out and ask for clarification from the person you’ve dealing conversing with via e-mail.

Unfortunately, after trying this process of continuing my quest for an address, I still have had no futher response to my email[s]. It seems that no one knows the answer to this request, and maybe an address does not exist in Canada. If this is the way that this situation is dealt with, it will be the last Sandisk card I’ll ever buy, or brand name to recommend. Sad it is such a convoluted process, and no reply after almost two months of ongoing/ or not! communication. Poor way to do business!

Sorry Sandisk! Two “hands” down.