Sending back stuff?

Alright, so awhile back I posted, saying that my Sansa Express died within a day of getting it and normal use.  6 weeks later, hasn’t been any changes.  Player won’t connect to my computer running Windows XP Home SP2.  I try turning it on, the Sandisk logo shows for about 3-5 seconds, the it shuts off.  I connect it to my computer, it shows a square of glitches while my computer isn’t able to install it.  I called tech support and they told me to send it back.

Well, I haven’t received any packaging, envelopes, or even postcards from Sandisk as of yet.  It’s been 3 weeks since I contacted them, and I’m just wondering what is taking so long for them to send stuff?  Does anyone know how long it takes them to mail return packages, or am I supposed to go to the post office myself and send it back?

So basically, anyone have any suggestions?

your suppose to send in your defective unit, then you get your new one. They dont just send out new products. They are probably waiting for you to send yours so they can send you a new one.

They should have sent you a pre-paid shipping label if they told you that you have an rma. You should also have an rma number that starts with RX######.

Send an email again if your still confused, they can send you instructions.

I know they don’t send stuff out for free, but I ment I hadn’t recieved the shipping label/whatever packaging I’m supposed to use to send it back.  That’s why I was confused.

Eh, I emailed them about it again, haven’t heard back yet.

your suppose to log into ebox and and print out the label. You dont get any packaging, its just a piece of paper that is the label. You print out the label, stick it to a package you picked out, drop it in the mail.

log into your ebox and check, or how about calling them instead of emailing for better results? just call the 866 number and push 1 for RMA.

got mine back in 15 days.

had to send new one back for the same reason in 3 days.

It ranges. The process can take 2 weeks to one month overall (including your shipping to them and them processing and then them shipping to you).

You’ll get the retail back. The CD, lanyard strap and stickers.

Called tech support, figured out what the problem was about not finding the shipping label.  Mixed up emails for the ebox.

Just went to UPS and sent it, hopefully all will be well