RMA Timeframe

My m250 was received by Sandisk in mid November 2008. It is now January 2009. There is no further activity on the support request after receipt acknowledgement except my “update” asking what is the current status.

How log should I expect to wait for an RMA?

Will anyone see the “Update your response” entry I added? Or should I close the ticket and start over with a new one?

try giving sandisk a call… 1866-sandisk (7263475) and choose option 6 for the RMA department…

I started this process exactly three moths ago today. It probably would be better for me to walk away knowing SanDisk does not honor their warranties, or just can’t support their products. At the very best support is so poor as to encourage the customer to give up. The support ticket fell through the cracks twice already. I called the number you gave. I get an answering machine with a message to leave my name and number and wait for a return call. No thanks. I am not comfortable trusting this company with my phone number. Their track record on trust and follow up is already proven. I did leave a short message with the RMA number. I’ll call a couple more times. If this number is just an answering machine and I can’t hold in queue for a person, that pretty much proves to me I made a mistake buying SanDisk and have lost my money.

I received a message in my e-box that the original package was shipped UPS then returned as undeliverable a month and a half ago. The tracking number does not show a potential delivery address so we don’t know where it went (but it does show it was signed for back at the end of the round-trip at Sandisk.) The address they show on file is correct and has been continuous and correct for more than two years. It is the address shown inline in the support ticket in my e-box, and was printed as the return address on my pre-paid RMA UPS call ticket. Guess what, the address is a mailbox at The UPS Store. I do that so there is someone to accept packages just like this one. A big UPS Store with the big brown logo. And the UPS driver couldn’t find it. And they supposedly mailed me postcards. (It is a rented mailbox, you’ve seen them.) I cannot believe anything else can go wrong with this support ticket. Take all of the preceding info and toss it out the window. Now ask, what happened to the replacement item when it returned to Sandisk? No one updates the e-box? There is no tracking of warranty fulfillment? Does anyone see how messed up and flawed this whole support system is?

To correct, the item was returned to Sandisk 3 weeks ago, not a month and a half ago. I still think that event should have triggered a response in the support system. Some automated follow up to all RMA’s returned to the shipping dock seems expected these days. If not tracked, the possibility is too great for intentionaly misdirected packages and pilferage. (That happened somewhere a few years ago. Big stuff. Re-RMA’ed to empty houses…) I will credit Sandisk for keeping this one on life-support. But sheesh this just has gone bad from the start. We got near the end of troubleshooting once. All of the remove the battery, update the firmware, hold the button, etc. then I had to start all over. The ticket was closed and my first new ticket referred to the old one by number and exlained how far we got in that ticket. It was like whispering into a fan. I was greeted with: that’s nice, can you tell me what your problem is? The next round started right at the top of, OK take out the batery and hold the on button for 3 minutes… grrr.

Although the typical timeframe might have been about ten days for my m250 exchange, a computer or data entry error caused a problem.

Even though a correct return address was shown on my pre-paid RMA ticket, and my correct  address was verified in-line in the text of the support ticket, the return m250 was shipped to a different address.

The RMA was at “received” status (showing SanDisk had received the warrantied m250 I shipped) for approximately five weeks before I asked for a status update. Six weeks is not abnormal for other companies. The ticket never has changed to “replacement shipped” or “on its way.” Once I posted an update and phoned, an agent replied that I had given the wrong address and the item had been returned to SanDisk. It was only after I launched a trace from UPS that I discovered from UPS that SanDisk had shipped to the wrong address, a different address that is shown nowhere in the support ticket.

As is often the case,  the number one difficulty here is that support personnel do not seem to read the history of the support ticket. It seems that the support personnel may only have access to the most recent message from the customer. I was often restating information previously given or having to start over at the very beginning of the process. In addition, the tone and text from the support agent was accusatory and placed the blame on me. It was stated that a special exception would be made in my RMA to re-ship the m250.

The conduct of the support agent seems particularly rude when he or she  states with certainty that the item was shipped to an address to which I am absolutely certain it was not. There was never an acknowledgment of SanDisk error.

The good news is that after all of this I have received a replacement m250 and it appears to work just fine. It definitely does not show the glitch the warrantied unit displayed.