Being Failed by the RMA process (Europe)


Not sure where exactly to go with this, and have ended up here.

RMA’d my failed SSD on 18th January, with the shipping label addressed to RMAs in Czech Republic.

Received a message a week later saying RMA approved and would be dispatched on 28th January and I would be notified of tracking details.

Not heard anything since that message and I’ve had no response to the numerous messages I’ve submitted to Sandisk through my account since then.

I called customer service on 2nd Feb and was told the RMA warehouse has been re-located and the replacement drive will be dispatched within the next few days.

Called again on 7th Feb and was told it would be dispatched within the next 5 days.

Called again on 16th Feb and was told there had been some delays with the warehouse relocation and the replacement drive would be dispatched as a priority.

Now its 1st March and still nothing.

The drive is the boot drive for a home PC used by my family so it is quite frustrating that I have 2 kids requiring PC access for their school coursework and this has not been possible for almost 2 Months now.

If the warehouse move story is a genuine one then you can understand a delay for shipping a pre-approved replacement drive of 4 or 5 days, but not in excess of a Month.

Does anyone know what might be going on here?


Please contact the SD Technical Support team for best assistance and troubleshooting:

Haven’t submitted messages through that particular form before so will give it a try. Thanks.

Mar 4

Please contact the SD Technical Support team for best assistance and troubleshooting: 3

5 days has passed since filling and submitting that form. Unfortunately again no response.
I also escalated my RMA ticket into a complaint, and no response there either.

Another kicker, at exactly the same time my RMA got approved (I was impressed with the service at that time), my company needed to order some M.2 SSDs and I recommended SN850Xs which they subsequently purchased. Coming to regret that now.

What a mess !
WD aquired Sandisk in May 2016 !!!, and now they planned to migrate sandisk support on 14th of March 2023 to WD platform. May be it will help us :slight_smile: or it will be next disaster. i decided to backup all my RMA history :slight_smile: I liked Sandisk for years because of they quality. This RMA is a first time. Eg Seagate replaced HDD in two weeks for me

So my story is very similar. RMA opened 27th November 2022 !!. Lots of emails from my site, 3 or 4 phonecalls. The last i was informed that Sandisk CZ has problems with shipment, but soon i should receive the replacement. 2nd March i received email that everything is approved and ill be informed about exact shipment date and outbound tracking number. Till today nothing happened. From my perspective this is not proffessional to give RS2000 advice to contact SD Technical Support team for best assistance !!!

I contacted support again (Europe) to formalise my complaint and request escalation.
I was litereally told nothing could be done and that my RMA is (still) classified as high priority and all I can do is keep waiting.
They could not give any timeframe as to when the replacement drive will be dispatched.

Therefore I have had to buckle and purchase a new SSD because having no home PC for this length of time is impacting my kids’ learning. (SSD was the boot drive). So now I am out of pocket for 2x SSDs.

Furthermore, I also needed a larger HDD and previously would only ever have considered WD (previous WD Black still going strong at 47,000 hours) but this time have bought myself a 16TB ironwolf pro.

I am quite saddened about this because I have always used Sandisk and WD hardware both at home and for my Company.

I’ve been in a similar situstion since the end if November.
I also escalated my request into a complaint about 2 weeks ago and was told my complaint would be logged into my ticket but haven’t had any further response.

This is really poor customer service. 4 plus months is not a reasonable time frame for a warranty return.

I previously had a good impression of this brand but sadly the warranty sidd has let the brand down.

I was litereally told nothing could be done and that my RMA is (still) classified as high priority and all I can do is keep waiting..


Over 2 weeks now since I escalated my case into a complaint, as detailed in my previous post, and still no response from anyone.

Since the Sandisk support site has now migrated to the WD site I’ve re-escalated the complaint, but won’t hold my breath for a response.

Same thing here. I submitted my RMA back in December and ever since then they’ve done nothing but fob me off with stories of warehouses being moved and promises of escalation. I spoke to them earlier today and they offered me a 15% discount on my next purchase - like I’m ever likely to buy another Sandisk or WD product :joy:.

In all, terrible customer service by an utterly shambolic company.

The latest information I’ve obtained from WD is that the RMA warehouse was moved from Poland to Czech Republic but there are customs issues preventing them from sending products outside of the country and they have been unable to resolve these issues but are working hard to find a solution.

You would suspect before sacking all your staff in one country to move your operation to, I assume, a cheaper country that someone at WD would have carried out due diligance on the logistics of dispatching items globally from that new location!

Wow, just received an email from WD to say my complaint/RMA will not be followed up at this time due to the service outage being experienced (which I assume is reference to the WD Cloud hack).

All due respect WD, your “service outage” is not my problem and should have no bearing on the status of either my RMA or my complaint.

One wonders if the WD Cloud “service outage” may be an indication there’s customers unwilling to let themselves be treated in the way I have, and someone has decided to extract revenge!

Exactly the same problem for me. Sent a 2TB SSD back in November last year. got stuck with UPS, and eventually returned to me in January. Sandisk got me to drill a hole through the SSD, and send a photo, and told a replacement would be sent straight away. Excuse after excuse since. Called and emailed multiple times.I was even given a UPS tracking number at one point, which doesn’t exist.

Out of the blue and with no further correspondance from WD / Sandisk, the warranty replacement SSD arrived by UPS today!

4 Months is such a long time for what should be a simple procedure, but I know some of you have been waiting even longer.

Hope all of you who are also experiencing RMA issues receive your replacement drives soon.

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I think Sandisk must be monitoring the group. I had an unexpected email saying they were investigating.

Fingers crossed.

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Still no SSD. Have been told a month ago or so that a replacement would be dispatched shortly. Today after chasing again, they tell me that there is no product available to ship at the moment. This service is incredibly bad