Which FLAC modes supported?

Hey guys.  Thanks a ton for the FLAC support with the latest firmware update.  I’m really excited.

I do have a question, though.  Which modes/combinations of resolution and sampling rate of FLAC does the clip support?  I just upgraded, and tried the FLAC test files from Gimell Records (http://www.gimell.com/musicstore-download-test-files.aspx), and the only one I could get to work was CD quality (16 bits/sample, 44.1 kHz sampling frequency).  Obviously because it’s stereo out, I didn’t expect the 5.1 modes to work at all, or if they did they’d just mix down to stereo.  That’s okay.  I was kinda hoping for 24-bit support at least, though, even still at 44.1 kHz sampling.  Am I doing something wrong?  Does this updated firmware work with any of the other combinations?  If not, are there plans?

I’m using a rev.1 4GB Clip.

Thanks again for the firmware update,


The Clip doesn’t have a 24-bit DAC, so I don’t think 24-bit files would be supported.

AustriaMicroSystems AS3525

“General Purpose IO Interface Audio: 18bit DAC, 14-bit ADC”

Only 16 bits is supported.