Where to find 8gb Black?

I have searched everywhere and can not, for the life of me, find an 8gb Black Model Sansa Fuze. Can anyone lend a hand if possible? I am currently awaiting a response from Sansa concerning this matter, thanks a ton.

I don’t think the 8GB comes in black. I think it only comes in silver.

I bought mine at best buy yesterday

@coachz wrote:
I bought mine at best buy yesterday

You bought a black 8GB Fuze?

Please be more specific, what did you buy? I wouldn’t see the point of Sansa only putting out a Silver 8gb, i would naturally assume they have all colors for all sizes. But i guess that was indeed a faulty assumption, or seems like it.

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black?! why not the super cute pink! =P

No thanks its black or bust lol. Or i just may have to settle for a 4gb and stock up on SD cards, which is no problem :).

i’m an idiot, sorry it’s silver  

Seems like Silver is the only color for 8gb, but still hoping a sansa rep. could answer this one for me, and if the 8gb is coming out on a future date in Black maybe i’ll wait for that.

Most of the time it’s going to be in your pocket… why does the color matter much?

Well, other than the bright pink.  You’d probably get odd looks when you pulled THAT out.  ^.^ 

Well i think that question can be asked of everyone who chooses a color and more importantly, i guess one could ask why Sansa decided to make such colors lol. Its more of a subjective topic and i prefer black lol.

I have seen 4GB blacks at Target, Radio Shack & Best Buy…problem is my daughter wants the Pink one and they are not avialble anywhere!

I know this is not what you want, but I use the DLO sleeves on my wife’s and my 8 GB Fuzes.

The 8 GB is ONLY available in Silver.

No problem and thank you. I ordered a Black 4gb and i cannot wait until it arrives. Hoping this is the last player i ever buy. I really dont need much and after MONTHS of research and studies im going for the Fuze.