Only Silver has 8GB?

Is the Sansa Fuze Silver the only device you can purchase with 8GB?

Unless you’d like to import a black 8GB from Europe, yes.

Do you know of any word when that may be available in the US?  And any reason why they only sell the Silver with the option of 8GB?  Thank you in advance.

I’ll cast my vote for a black 8GB Fuze!

I am running with the 2GB currently, but having more internal memory is great for Rhapsody Channels.

I like the black one best, it’s very cool.

Keeping my fingers crossed…

Bob   :smileyvery-happy:

I would buy a black 8gb in a heartbeat.  I already have the silver 8gb, love it.

Funny, I like the dark gray color. Everybody has black MP3 players these days.