Where to buy new Clip + ?

I was wondering where can i buy the new Clip + with international shipping to Europe (Romania). Ebay doesn’t have it in stock, i see Amazon has it but they don’t ship electronics anyway. Any thoughts, or maybe links where i can buy? Please :frowning:

SanDisk has said here that the Clip+ will be available outside the U.S. in time for December holidays.  I believe it stated that this would be for Europe and another geographic location–I don’t know if this would include Romania.  My hunch is, Clip+'s will be available via eBay internationally well before then; remember, the Clip+ has been out for only 1-1/2 weeks now, and isn’t “officially” out until next week. 

Well, just have to wait so it gets in stock in the non-US part of the world. Such a pitty i am hungry to test it asap :stuck_out_tongue:

eBay is pretty fast with stock delivery, but i think the new clip is not yet sold global-wide. 

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When I checked yesterday, Amazon itself was not yet selling the Clip+ – Marketplace sellers were selling it through Amazon.  If you want a player ASAP, you could check and see if those sellers will ship internationally, either through the Amazon Marketplace or at the sellers’ own websites. 

I just checked and Beachaudio.com has an arrangement to ship internationally, through a 3rd party shipper.  Now the bad news:  that seems to double the cost of the Clip+ 8gb, to Romania …

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I got my 8gb Clip gen2 for 70 USD shipping included. So it doesn’t seams such a fair deal to me. I’l wait for the new toy to spread, competition makes prices go lower. 2 weeks max and it should ‘rise’ :) 

I went to that site and i found shipping is more expensive than the 8gb clip. Now that’s a big LOL :) 

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You got a great deal on your 8gb Clip, especially considering shipping!

First clip + on ebay, but no shipping to Europe :slight_smile: Few more days to wait :stuck_out_tongue:

Its seems ebay dealers still ship USA only. Amazon won’t help neither. Any 3rd party shopping sites that ship internationaly? Please :frowning:

Nextag has a list of clip plus for sale.  One of the sellers, PC Connection, ships internationally and to Romania.  Can’t say how much it’ll cost.


Too bad they request phone call for international orders. Still searching for an online shop that sends overseas.

I am in the same situation as you, i want to purchase a Sansa Clip+ , but seems like it`s not yet available.I will also search some more online shops that sell Sandisk devices to see if they have any release date.Please keep me posted if you find something.

I only found http://www.nextwarehouse.com/ which is also shipping for double the Clip+ 8GB price. Impossible at current moment to grab one, unless with the help of forum members :slight_smile:

I think that it will be available soon enough… i would NOT like to pay such a ridiculous shipping cost…

THanks !

I’ve found this website, which claims to have have the Clip Plus in stock in 13 days, although it says it’s an approximate… Also I don’t know how trustworthy the site is… =/ 

Does this help anyone at all? :slight_smile:

“Too bad they request phone call for international orders.” 

AFAIK, many vendors will want a phone call, and perhaps also copies of id faxed to them for international orders. There are so many fraudulent international orders. You shouldn’t criticize them for being cautious.

Amazon vendor BlueProton ships to Europe and they are a buying option for the 2gb, 4gb and 8gb Clip+. Someone over at Head-Fi confirmed ordering and receiving a Clip+ in Europe from BlueProton. Fairly quick turnaround delivery too.

Amazon/Germany has the Clip+ listed as coming soon (in 10 days).  Presumably, that will avoid the large delivery charges people are seeing for the EU from the U.S.

@miikerman wrote:
Amazon/Germany has the Clip+ listed as coming soon (in 10 days).  Presumably, that will avoid the large delivery charges people are seeing for the EU from the U.S.

BlueProton charges $10.99 for 2-4 day delivery to Europe. That actually seems pretty reasonable. The post I saw over at head-fi seemed pretty surprized and happy at the fast delivery.

Maybe I’m misreading the BlueProton shipping info., but I see it as $10.99 per item plus $27.99 per shipment (for 2-4 day delivery).