Release date for rest of Europe?

Hello everyone

Does anyone know when the Clip plus will be released for rest of Europe? (I´m located in France)

I’ve read about it and I’m very interested sounds like a great product, the expandable memory was what sold me on it.



SanDisk has said here, in time for the December holidays.

It’s seems like it’s already available through

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You are right, it’s possible to find it in mainland Europe, but it is more expensive and i cant find the 4 GB black. I have also looked in to buying it from the UK, but it is hard to find a shop that delivers internationally, I have found one that looks promising, but the 4 GB black is out of stock! (although I will probably just wait until its in stock ) Black

Thank you for the reply :slight_smile:

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Red 4gb is in stock there now; other colors in a few days, and the 8gb black in a couple of weeks.

You can get 4GB Clip+ black through Amazon Germany for 44,97 Euro. They have it on stock [“Auf Lager”] and shipping costs to France are 6.50 Euro (I checked it):
Still more expensive than in the US, but cheaper than in France.
I don’t think they will get that cheap in Europe in foreseeable future anyway.

I  got 2GB black version for 34,97 from them (with free shipping within Germany). I don’t care about built-in memory, since I am going to expand it anyway (10 Euro price difference to 4GB model can get you 8GB microSDHC card).

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Hi Miikerman, and the 2 Gb ? i’am about to order the Sansa Clip+ 2GB here , but they say out of stock, counter to the 4 Gb where they say 20 October which confirm when you say 4 Gb is in stock.

I don’t need 4 Gb but if i have to wait too long for the 2 Gb i’ll maybe order the 4 Gb…

I just discover you product yesterday when i asked for best mp3 player here and i already love it :-) 

Thank’s for the good job and the assistance in this forum !!!  

Personally, I might go for the 4gb:  it’s in stock, and extra memory capacity always is nice.  :slight_smile:

I’am a little shot in therm of money… now ;-), do you know when the 2Gb gonna be available ? when i see the price you have the chance to pay in USA compare to France :frowning:

I don’t know when the 2gb will be available at that store–I’m just going by the information there as well (and they haven’t posted a date yet).

We are very fortunate in the U.S. for the price and availability of these.  It is odd, though–with the original Clip, some prices were better in the EU, and at least one version of the Clip that was available in the EU never was offered directly in the U.S. (specifically, the 8gb silver Clip), even though SanDisk is headquartered here.

Ok, the only solution i see for me now is to ask if a US person of this forum can be ok to buy one for me and send it to me using simple air mail shipping to France, I pay you by Paypal Before of course, i see the price is 45$ at which is a fair price, contact me by pm if you can help me

thank’s ;-) 

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