Urgent: Clip+ release date for Italy and Singapore?

I’m aware that presently Singapore is not selling Clip+, however I was wondering if there is a COMFIRMED release date for RETAIL stores in Singapore, and likewise for Italy? If possible, I would like to get a reply ASAP. Please and thank you very much. Your replies are very much appreciated!

P.S. For anyone thinking of asking me: Yes, I’ve scanned through some of the other threads. However no, I did not read all of them. So if this is already asked and answered in another thread, could you just give me the link/name rather than saying ‘err… haven’t you seen the other threads?’ which is not a really helpful answer is it?

I don’t think there is a specific release date for each country. Each retailer might decide individually when they want to start selling it. Some retailers might not start selling the Clip+ until they have sold all of their inventory of Clips. You might be able to find an online retailer in Europe or in Asia selling it earlier than regular retail  stores. If you want it badly enough, and can’t find it in the areas you mentioned, you could have it shipped from the US, however shipping would be expensive, so it might not make sense to get it from the US unless you are buying a few of them at the same time. B&H Photo in NYC sells Sandisk players and ships worldwide(except Iran, Cuba, Sudan).

eBay is a good international source at this point.