Where can I get docking station and speakers in UK for Fuze?

Have recently bought Sansa Fuze and absolutely love it.  Have been looking for portable speakers (preferably with docking station) since last week.  Can only find stocks in US for Altec Lansing Inmotion 413 and concerned that the mains power supply will not be compatible with UK i.e. 240v.  Can anybody recommend a good quality player around the £80 mark?  Have option of returning the Fuze in two days to store where purchased and my only reason for doing this would be if speakers cannot be found and that would be such a shame as I don’t want to ‘follow the crowd’ and opt for an iPod.

Try your local amazon. Amazon.co.uk

I did a search for Sansa Fuze Accessories and got


It looks good to me.

You could drop an email to Altec support and ask them if the mains transformer supports 240v. If it does, just use a US ==> UK adapter plug or rewire the plug.