Sansa fuze docking stations?

are their any for the fuze? im looking for one to buy.

Altec Lansing seems to make decent speaker docks.

Go Sansa!

WOW 100 bucks is alot for that anything cheaper?

yeah and there isn’t even a stinking alarm clock to wake up to fuze tunes !

Google “Sandisk Sansa Base Station”.  you will find it listed for e200,  C200,  but if you remove the adapter insert it will work beautifully for Fuze,  and will give line out to the Dock.

Its around $44 

what about this one?

1.  That’s an iPod dock.  The connectors look similar, but are wired differently.  Plugging a Fuze into it would probably fry it.

2.  Woot changes their single item every day, and they only run until they run out of stock.  Posting a link to the site is pretty useless, unless they hit it the day that you post.

thats why i posted that today for a quick response…if it was compatable i would of bought it today. thats the greatness of woot. one day sale for a cheaper price.

Does anyone know if the Sansa Base Station comes with an AC adaptor? If not can I purchase a USB wall charger and use that with it?

Sansa Base comes with AC adaptor, yes

ok just to make sure this one  is ok for the fuze?

just to make sure before i purchase it.

Yes.  You will not use the plastic adapters as the Fuze is wider than e200 or c200.  I have this home and the Fuze can hold itself up from the connector with the adapters removed.

It works well. 

Are there any plans to update the station adaptor for the Fuze?  Injection mouldings require specialized dies of course (the expensive part), but it looks like time to upgrade a good product with a Fuze adaptor.

Supporting the device is a good thing, as children (sure, blame the kids…hehehe) could push the Fuze back while on the dock.

Bob  :wink:

Maybe Sandisk should take a page from Sony and start including the adapter with the player instead of the dock.  I think it’s a great way to make sure new users are aware of (and more likely to buy) the Sansa dock and also guarantees they have the right adapter.

As you can tell from the number of “Is there a dock for the Fuze?” posts in this forum, new users are obviously not aware of the Sansa dock.


ok i got my docking station and for some reason i don’t kno why sansa makes all their products so difficult to operate but after 25 mintues i got it working but only on my tv av channel, and the reason why i bought it was to listen to it while playing x box…

i can’t do that if its on the av channel.  so i have to buy speakers just for the docking station…

can anyone give me a suggestion on what i should do?

You expect your TV to be able to play audio from two different sources on one set of speakers at the same time?  O.o;

putting it that way it does sound crazy. but i play x box with the tv mute(volume at 0) and listen to music.

Well, it would depend on how your system is set up…  if you are using HDMI, you might have no other recourse.  If you are going through an amp, you might be able to just get a (bipolar 3.5mm female jack to 2 male RCA phono) adapter and replace the input from the XBOX.

I’d like to play the Sansa Fuze through my home stereo. What would be the best way to set this up? Thanks!