Docking station compatibility

Do you know if this dock is compatible with Fuze?

If not, what would you suggest for me? I don’t need speakers - I have an amp and speakers already. Remote control is must, as well as charging feature.

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Should be… The conectors are proprietary for sansa and that means both should work. I have never used it myself so I wont say It will work but… In general that is the rule of thumb.

It may or may not work.  I’m leaning toward…“will not work” (as designed).  The fuze’s connector is off-set to make room for the headphone jack.  With the sleeve housing around the unit, may make it impossible for the fuze to fit without some modification of the dock.

I’m not a dock user, but just looking out for you.  If you decide to try it anyway, just make sure the place you order from has a good return policy.  Good Luck!

I forgot to mention that off set. BUT The Connector will work, If you can find one where the fuze fits and can be hooked up to the 30 pin plug then it will be good to go… nice cathc GB

@conversionbox wrote:
I forgot to mention that off set. BUT The Connector will work, If you can find one where the fuze fits and can be hooked up to the 30 pin plug then it will be good to go… nice cathc GB


Been there myself too many times.  Just trying to save someone some grief:smiley:

Fuzer2  I have one of these SanDisc docks and use it for my Sansa E200 - it works perfectly well with my HiFi. and I am very happy with it.  The dock comes with two interchangible attachments to fit the E and C models [which must be of different sizes].  The Fuze is also a different size and hence you have to remove the attachments in order to fit the Fuze to the dock.  If I do not use the attachments then my Fuze also works perfectly well in the dock [and the volume which appears to be fixed can also be adjusted with the remote].  As I say, I am very happy with the dock which - since I got the Fuze is now a permanent home for my e200.  But word of warning - whilst the fuze can be used with this dock without the attachment support you would have to be careful not to damage the connector.  In an ideal world SanDisc would now market this dock with three attachments - i.e. including one for the fuze and sell the fuze adaptor to those or us who already own the dock but have upgrader their players.  We can only wish. :cry:

Thank you all for your prompt and kind replies. I accepted Shimbo’s responce as a solution. I understood your message well, but could you provide us photos of the connectors, side by side, to see the difference, please? :slight_smile:

One more thing. Does the remote control manage Sansa itself or will there be a software to install to the computer?

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I too got this dock for my fuze and it works great. I did modify one of the adaptors (cut a bunch of plastic off, just left the back stop portion). I fot a little nervous with no back support. The remote does work with the Fuze, pretty much just to turn it on/off.

Whopper - Brilliant idea.  I got my craft knife and hacksaw out about an hour or so ago after reading you submission and after attacking the usued adaptor now have a fully functioning adaptor for when I wish to use my Fuze with the Dock instead of the E200.  I’d post a pic but as there appears to be no simple uploading facility I’ll have to give this a miss.  But many thanks for the idea :smileyvery-happy:- I still think SanDisk should market a suitable adaptor [Thought – instead of a hole at the back for the remote, this could be a place for the second adaptor - the unused second adaptor could then be used to house the remote].  Interestingly (concerning the remote - if you move to the home menu on the Sansa - the remote also works for all other search functions - strange therefore that the remote does not have a home button, as this would have made it much more user friendly :cry:.

please show or share photos of your solution - in details if possible!

maybe someone can create a workshop or sth like this for all of us who are looking for a solution!

i wrote sandisk about the prob several times - no sufficient answer till now (if there is a adapter planed for the fue :frowning: )

best wishes

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I have a couple of pics, how do I insert them?

Use a service like :)

sounds very good - it would be fine to see pictures of all you constructions…

did anybody know details from sandisk, if or when a compatibility for the fuze is planed?

am i wrong or are there no other stations (with IR device) working full with the fuze (if there would be a special adapter)? the griffin one comes without IR and without a special adapter too!

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Try this link 

I can,t make that work.I would really like to see what you did.

Try this.

thanks for the picture - interesting to see what is necessary that it works…

in my opinion it is a solution - but when i see who you have to treat the adapter i think its no alternative for me!

another question in this case…

is anybody here in the forum that has good connections to the sandisk team - or is somebody of the users here working there? maybe a collection (or collected message or email) of interested people, who wants to buy such a station if it would fit for the sansa fuze (a new adapter included the package) can change the opinion of that people not to sell the base station (or other extras) with a special fuze adapter or no compatibility to this sansa player.

maybe - if there are only enough people who say “yes i would buy it if it fits” this can change anything! i would be the first person in this list! what do you think about? an extra thread at the beginning of the forum-site could be useful! if other extras are needed they can be added there to. can any moderator arrange this?

sorry for my horrible english :wink:

can anyone, who ownes a fuze AND a sandisk base station please share of photo of both - WITHOUT using an adapter? i found out in the forum that you have to handle the fuze with care when you use it without, but this station is in my opinion the best solution - even if there is no special adapter…

I have the Griffin dock and the Sandisk dock, and the Altec Lansing inMotion iM413 speaker for Sansa. All work fine with the Fuze without any adapter. I emailed SanDisk and Griffin, and the reply from both is that the Fuze is light enough to work fine without any adapter etc. You have to consider not putting too much force into pushing buttons, but with the iM413 and SanDisk dock the remote negates the need to push on the Fuze anyway. :wink:

can you make some pictures PLEASE - with both stations - together with the fuze? maybe from different sides (front, up, side, back)?

i really think about buying one of these both, but if the “optical result” is too bad, i would not do it! which one would you prefer? is the sound output equal? can you connect, sync and load the fuze with the griffin one too?

is one or are both stations working without ac-adapter when you plug in the fuze and connect the station with a hifi-device or is “ac-power” needed that the stations put out an audio signal?

any other important things about the stations i should know?

thanks for the help!