I just want speaker/dock/charging station for my FUZE!

I have been searching for hours trying to find a speaker/dock/charger for my FUZE. The only one I’ve seen is the backordered one the have on the sansa website. Is there really only ONE compatible external speaker system for the FUZE? Why is this so difficult? Come on SanDisk! Why can’t you make something like the ihome???

The Sansa Docking Station works.  I bought it for my e200 series.  The only bummer is you have to take the adapter out and need to be a little careful when plugging the Fuze to the connector.  Hopefully Sandisk will have an adapter for the Fuze for this as now they have ones for the e200 and the C series.  I was told all Sansa models will work in this docking station.

Here’s a look: Amazon.com

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A wall charger and a 3.5mm-RCA jack cable to home stereo sounds much better :wink:

M_M is correct, (Hiya Marvin) but when I evaluated this, I was using a Griffin dock, and what I did was alternate from the mini out on the dock to the headphone jack on the Fuze, to an M^3 and 880s.   Cable was one of the Zu mini to RCAs that I had laying around.  Not the most in depth test, but the cleanest signal was out of the Fuze, when I did the comparison.

Also realize that we are not talking about a big difference.  The M^3 and 880s are pretty resolving.  If you’re using regular stuff, you probably won’t hear any difference at all and for my office set up, I’m using the dock because that set up will never know the difference.

Also, I don’t know what’s up with the Fuze’s line out?  After some more testing, I found that I was able to control the volume though the dock using the volume wheel, but only for the last 25% of it’s range.  So what I found was that the volume through the dock’s line out remained constant until I dialed the volume down past the last 25% on the Fuze…

Is this last 25% attenuation???


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Does the Altec Lansing im413 work with the Fuze?

I have one for my View and I like it. 

The Beaver thinks it will play but doesn’t know about the remote working.  He also thinks you’ll probably need a 1/4" pad behind it for support.  :wink:

The Fuze has a volume setting under “System Settings”. If you look under “Volume”, then you see two options: Normal, and high.

I got the iM413 Sat, $30 from buy.com…  It comes with stand-offs… and works really well. The fuze fits in even in the crystal case. It only acts as a boom-box not sync (I got the Griffin dock cheap for that), but charges when using the included a/c  adapter. It can run off batteries (3xAA). 

The iM413 remote works fine with the Fuze for next-track, previous, volume, pause and the like. When you power it off it pauses the Fuze.  You cannot navigate the albums or the like with it tho, basically nothing you do with the menus/scroll wheel. But then again if you would have to look at the fuze to do it why would you want the remote? (sitting across the room with binoculars maybe?)

I created playlists for albums and playlists for artists and multiple albums and the like so I can play a playlist that lasts hundreds of songs so I never have to walk across the room to change anything. I used the free Playlist Creator v3 , which you can even use to add playlists to playlists.

IMHO  for $30 you can’t beat it…  probably not at twice that.

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Hey Timn. You do realize the normal price IS twice that?!? :wink:


You got a deal.

Yes, it was on sale last week on buy.com, got it for $29.99 with free shipping… love it for that price!!

Noticed it’s back up to the $80 range… I suspect once interest (sales) increase they up the price… then later lower it again when stock-on-hand gets high and sales low and retailers want to liquidate

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I finally broke down and picked up an iM413 to supplement the iM510.  You beat my price by $10, as the price dropped right after I got mine.  Still, at $39, it was half the price of the smaller '510 machine.

The iM510 is about the size of a pencil box, and stows easily in a satchel or backpack.  The '413 is perfect for the desktop, and sounds great.  I like the Bass and SRS modes of the iM413.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: