Docking Station

Hi All,

Is there a docking station that is compatible with the fuze ??


Link to Griffin dock and discussion thread about same . . .

check this link… i believe its compatible.

What I was really looking for was some thing similar to the Bose iPod Docking station. Powered by the mains with built in speakers.

Is there such a thing available. The Griffin only offers a charger and a line out.


i see… you can try this

Type ‘Altec Lansing’ into the search box here on the forum. Search all boards. You’ll get numerous discussions and probably a couple of links to check it out. :smiley:

maybe? this one is powered through the fuze earplug.  I thought this was cool.  It “folds” up into a ball for easy carrying.

And you may want to search through the massive ipod stations.  I found This One that said it would work for any "3.5 mm auxiliary input for other devices " and from my understanding (someone please, please correct me if I’m wrong) that means it would work with the fuze.  now this is more of a video player then a speaker one, so you may want to continue looking.

A ‘docking station’ is quite a bit different than just a pair of speakers. Any speakers, powered or otherwise is going to work with anything as long as it has the 3.5 mm standard plug. A docking station will not only charge the device while you use it, but also usually have it’s own separate power supply and amplifier, so you are not relying on the miniscule power output of a portable player (like the Fuze) to try and give any lind of decent sound out of speakers which require more power to drive them.

To rely on the Fuze (or any mp3 player) to adequately power a pair of even the smallest book-shelf speakers and expect it to sound any better than one of those old japanese transistor AM radios, when it’s only designed to drive a pair of ear buds is just silly.

A Volkswagen engine, while very well designed and perfectly suited for powering a ‘Slug-Bug’ aroung town isn’t going to cut the mustard if you drop it into a Kenworth big-rig 18-wheeler. :stuck_out_tongue:

One must be careful in shopping however, as the 30-pin connector port on the bottom the Fuze (and other Sansas) look very similar to that of the I-pod, but are powered differently, and can turn your nice new shiny Sansa into a nice new very expensive paper-weight if you plug it into a I-Pod _ ONLY _ accessory!

Read the fine print. If it is made for, or works with the Sansa, it will say “Made For” or “Compatible With” Sansa player.


I just received a Sansa Fuze which is really cool…not sure how to use it yet, but I’m thinking this is a learning curve.  Anyway I also got a Logitech docking station that Best Buy told my husband would work with the Fuze…but it doesn’t, and even when I tok it back to them they insisted that it would work… I just tried it…NOT! So off it goes back to them.  Is there a docking station for it?