Sansa Fuze docking port-Is it the same as docking port of Apple iTouch?

I’m considering purchase of a portable speaker - LOGITECH PURE FI ANYWHERE which supports 1G-3G iPod models (and other portable music players via 3.5 mm auxiliary input). It also doubles up as an iPod charger when the iPod is docked.

I do not intend to buy an iPod, however, as I already have a Sansa Fuze.

I’d like to know whether the Sansa Fuze can be docked in this speaker and whether the remote that comes with it would work with the Sansa Fuze.

No it doesn’t work.

The ports (even though they look the same) are not compatible with one another, if you tried you’d probably end up braking your sansa fuze.

However, you can still use the 3.5 mm port to connect you fuze.



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For this experiment, I placed a Fuze, an e200, and a View in three iPod docking ports.  Using a long extension cord, we see the inevitable results:

Never dock a Sansa into an Apple iPod docking connection!  The pins are configured differently, and your device will be damaged!

Use the 3.5mm stereo audio jack only.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

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Thank you for both consistent clarifications. It looks like there is a lack of standards in the PMP world in both hardware & firmware. I’d have to have separate docking stations for different players :frowning: Incidentally, I also own a Cowon D2, but I need separate video converters for it & the Fuze. Which means I need to convert the same video twice if I am to view it on both players, a real pain.

OK, so lets suppose I wanted some portable speaker similar to the one I mentioned with a docking port for the Fuze. What would be the best ones out there? (Please note : I’m not interested in the docking station for the Fuze as that requires external speakers).

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