Accesories for SANSA Fuze

Hello to all! ! I’m a newbie.

I got a new Fuze bcus I love SANSA products. I don’t like IPods but their accesories are amazing. It is possible to dock a Fuse in a IpodBose speakers or any other device???   

No! Do NOT try to put a Sansa into a dock made for an iPod. The connectors may be EXTERNALLY the same, but they’re WIRED differently. You could fry your Fuze.

Well that all depends… How does that dock hook up? If it is a standard headphone jack then yeah itll work. If however it requires that ipod style plug It WONT. The fuze’s connector while it looks like the ipod plug it aint the same. If you search for docks that fit the E200 that should work good but remember the fuze’s plug (the rectange one) is off center so make sure it will fit first.

TNKS very Much!!!

I recieved a Christmas gift of a KLH Musicdock meant for I-pod, am using a simple patch cord from the headphone plug to connect to it. Sound is great, just does not charge my Fuze like the proper dock would.

I bought my son the altec lansing im413 for his fuze.  It works great and the sound quality is quite good but not for really rocking out.  It retailed this Christmas for about $80.  Good luck