Fuze 4G Portable Speakers/ Charging Station

Has anyone found a reasonably priced portable speaker/ charging system? I recently purchased a great sounding product from Logitech, S315i, but I can only use the sound portion. The 20-pin connector yields nothing. I guess I-pod rules. HELP!

This device has an auxiliary input, so you can connect using the headphone jack ONLY.  Never plug a Sansa into an iPod dock, since it can damage your device!   The pin configuration is different.


I had the same Question is there a such thing for a Sansa Fuze.

ive been looking for one of these.

Sadly, there has been one really nice supplier for a portable speaker dock for the Sansa e200 / Fuze, and that’s Altec Lansing.  If you look today, they have all been sold out, the iM413 being my favorite.

Fortunately, there are many units out there that can be used with the 3.5mm stereo headphone jack fed into an auxiliary port.  Remember, never plug a Sansa into a 30-pin socket made for the Apple iPod,as it will damage your player!

I would be ecstatic to see SanDisk making a joint deal with Altec Lansing to resurrect the iM413, sold through the Sansa Store exclusively.

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Have a look at Balloon Speaker Store…Portable speaker

Why on earth did SanDisk put a 30 pin connector on the fuze and then not build any accessories to fit it? The only thing I’ve found with that connector is the usb charger, so why not fit a usb port in the first place? It doesn’t make any sense to me.

The original Fuze followed the same logical platform as the sansa e200 player.  Using the 30-pin connector, one would have access to the USB data connection, power, analog audio output, and remote command of the device.

I was disappointed that the Fuze+ design omitted the docking functionality, as it’s a larger player.  I can understand the little Clip as a device optimized for size and portability, but that docking capability is wonderful.

SanDisk had two interesting speaker docks, with the later Altec Lansing iM413 being the best.

There was also the stackable Macally IceTune speaker set with its unique “stacked hockey pucks” design. Be very careful with this one, there’s an almost identical iPod version that will damage your Sansa (the dock is wired differently).

For a while, the hot ticket was the Griffin Power Dock , a really cool aluminum wedge that could be used to power the Fuze, and you could plug in a portable speaker set (an amplified PC set, even a system with subwoofer) to the dock.

Why omit the dock capability?  It’s a matter of numbers, I am afraid.  There are seemingly innumerable cheap iPod docks out there, and I’d venture that planty of folks unknowingly plopped their Sansa into a dock designed for the iPod, with unfavorable results.  My solution was to keep a close reign on available devices, and offer them directly, as in a joint Altec-Lansing / SanDisk specific music system. 

I’ll be blunt, in retrospect.  There is a lot of really horrible ■■■■ that offers an iPod dock connection on top.  So much for Apple’s attempt at holding a closed universe.  The cat evidently clawed a hole in the screen door, I suppose.

I really, really, really believe that the 30-pin docking connection is a wonderful capability that has merit in a mid-size player.  I use the iM413 with remote every day, wiht the new Sansas via the AUX IN port, and the e200 / Fuze via the dock.

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Okay, you’ve convinced me that the Altec Lansing iM413 is a great product. Trouble is, it’s no longer available.

So it comes down to two questions:

  1. Will the Altec Lansing iM413 return?

and, if the answer is no 2. What is the next best product? (Preferable available at some place that will ship to Brazil.)

I’m not asking for much, I just want to be able to connect my Fuze to a couple of speakers that I can sit on the kitchen shelf and listen to music of my choice while I do the dishes, or chop the onions, or whaterver.

If you don’t need something that will charge the Fuze or add remote-control capabilities, any pair of speakers that will plug into the headphone jack will work (but ones with thier own power source are probably best).