Altec Lansing inMotion COMPACT iM310


No one replied to my plea for advice re decent speakers/docking

So does anyone reccomend this?

Or should we go for the IM413 as most people on here advise?

Any help for a novice?


I like the Im413, got it a couple of months ago and have no complaints. I’m pretty sure it’s the only one that works for Sansa players.

The iM310 says it works with “iPods and MP3 players”. That means it has an iPod dock connector and an “aux-in/line-in” jack for connecting to non-iPods. It should work fine as long as you never plug your Sansa into the iPod connector, only the aux-in (with a cable between that jack and the Sansa headphone jack).

But you won’t be able to charge or control the Sansa with the dock. If the iM310 has those functions, they only work with iPods.

The Altec Lansing iM310 is designed for the iPod, and can damage your sansa if it is plugged into the dock connection , so be careful! 

It can play music using the auxiliary input connection, but this involves the headphone connection ONLY.

For about $20 more, you can get the portable iM510 Altec Lansingdesigned specifically for the Sansa.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

How important to your needs is the dock? I get great volume from powered generic computer speakers generally picked up at yard sales or Salvation Army/Goodwill type stores…

These are AC powered with small transformer to provide the power and a tiny internal amp circuit genearally enclosed in one of the 2 speaker housings… At these types of shopping venues you can take your Fuze along with you when you shop and you can power up these units, plug into your Fuze, and test the volume and sound quality right on the spot!

Some units even have really pretty decent sound quality at least to my old ears!! As another option I routinely connect the Fuze earphone output to the Aux input of my ‘real’ stereo system and drive my large speakers… If your wife wants to listen at home this would work fine… Fuse battery life isgood enough that I generally do not worry about providing power to the Fuze under these circumstances, thus no real need for a charging dock in my listening experience…

Thanks Bob & everyone for your help am a complete novice at this stuff

Spoke to Sansa help desk twice now , I can’t understand them & they can’t understand me…(I’m English lol) They have just told us that the IM413 will NOT work with the Sansa Fuze

We only bought this bloody thing so my wife can listen to Audio books. She bought a Coby speaker system that the sound is so low you cannot hear a thing. So it looks like we will send the Fuze back as we are going around in ever decreasing circles just to get to listen to the thing.

We are as untechnical as any owd uns can be so again if anyone can tell us what speakers or docking to buy that the Fuze will just work with & sound decent we would be so grateful


Robb (confused & fed up)


I’ve used a Creative TravelDock 900 speaker dock for the last year-plus with my Fuze and have had no issues with it.  I’m not sure how easy they are to find these days, but you might want to look into getting one of those :slight_smile: