Thinking of buying a Altec Lansing IM413

Anyone know about them ?  If I buy one on ebay without the docking adapter with there be any problem mounting a Sansa e250 ? I’m thinking that the adapters may be for other mp3 players but don’t really know.

Anyone ?



Yeah, I’d be interested in hearing a review of these too.

The Altec Lansing iM413 is unique in that it has a built in FM radio, a remote control, and an Auxiliary input mode.

The only negative comment I’ve seen on it is a reference to its trailing wire antenna.  Altec Lansing published a brochure that showed a telescopic antenna, which was dropped from production, I gesss.  The integrated radio is convenient since the headphone cable is the Sansa’s antenna, and you can listen to something without needing the Sansa docked.

The Aux in mode means it will play with a Sansa Clip as well.

Currently, I see this unit is available from B & H at a special price.  Beware of units from eBay, as you are losing the factory warranty, and are taking a gamble as to the actual condition of the device.  The Sansa Store has 'em too.

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My two cents (and it probably isn’t worth even that) is that a docking station is not a good use of money.  How long is your Sansa going to last – two years?  Three?  When it’s kaput, your Sansa-only docking station becomes a large, expensive paperweight. 

That’s the beauty of the im413: it has its own FM radio, and will accept audio from a 3.5mm auxiliary jack, plus the SanDisk 30pin USB cable.

If your e200 bites the dust, or you give it to the kids, the Fuze will dock with it.

I am going to try the Macally headphone that has an e200 cradle.  This device will only hold the e200, but it connects to the audio signal via the 3.5mm jack.  In a pinch, I can adapt the wee Clip to work with those babies. Macally has an iPod version (wider than the Sansa), opening up the future possibility of a Fuze-specific version in the future.

Lots of options are on the table.

I am thinking of modifying the headphone by building a 30 pin connector into the headphone socket, sourcing one from one of the many bases available.  The 3.5mm plug on these headphones will mate with the 24" expension cable from the iM490s earbud kit too, if I wish to use them as a conventional wired headphone.

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Hey Bob, while you’re at it – the Sansa hack of the decade would be to patch a tv-out on the v1:


Thanks Numb!

I’ll have another look at the PP datasheets.  The first problem I see is looking into the actual PCB for physical access to the output.  I don’t think SanDisk configured the 30 pin for the signal, but it would be fun to play with.

I’d love to use the full capabilities of the AustriaMicrosystems chip of the v2, as stereo input for recording (mike) would make the wee machine the most advanced pocket recorder on the market for its size.  Being able to configure the ACG and input levels, coupled with an input patch cable through the bottom 30 pin, I could have a lot of fun.  Think how large and expensive any professional stereo recorder is, versus something as compact and capable as the e280.

It would make Ian Fleming’s Q Branch look tame. 

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Beyond connectivity criteria, what are poeples opinions on actual sound quality of this unit?

We assume this is not Bose Wave quality, but if you had this on your workdesk and wanted resonable volume and pretty good sound, is this fitting the bill?  What’s the power rating?  Freq response range?

I can’t speak for the im413, but I use an im510 to listen to podcasts in my shop and the volume and sound quality is much better than an AM/FM radio I had been listening to.


I have listened to all of the devices in question.  There are two Altec Lansing inMotion docks, the one with the remote and integrated FM, and the more portable model with pop-out dock.  They sound very good, especially when considering their size.

They don’t sound as beefy as the Bose Wave type table radio, but that’s because of the tuned chambers of the Bose devices.  BOSE products are something of an enigma: I think part of the price goes into the product, and the lion’s share goes in to marketing ballyhoo.  Their product line is finally touching on the iPod / mp3 player popularity, but it’s expensive in the cost versus performance ratio.

The iM413 is reasonably priced, has a cool remote, and it’s built like the battleship e200 that plugs into it.  The entire assembly feels solid and old school.  I am thinking of the little version to take around, as it’s inexpensive and quite portable.  The controls on the top are a bit weird to work with on the little one.

If you’re into cool and tiny, Macally makes a nice “hockey puck” style stackable speaker dock.  Eventually, I’ll probably have all three of these devices.  I’m working on a collection, you see…

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You can read the specs here.  I got three of these (  They just arrived this morning.  I have tested two of them with an e280 and a View.  With shipping, I paid $65 for the three units – $22 each.  They sound great.  One is running in the next room.  With bass enhancement and surround sound effect, I’m enjoying clear audio at a level you’d listen to tv at.

Controls are intuitive and well positioned.  The only problem I have experienced is with connectivity with the e280.  I haven’t flashed the firmware since the menu was updated with mode selections, and there is a big update your firmware warning in the box, so I’ll try that.

I totally disagree with the opinion that a docking station is not a good accessory.  First, it’s a charger.  Second, I don’t let my kid go to bed with phones, so this is the only way to take the View to bed.  Third, you can plug anything into this and it has an fm radio built in.  The im413 is a great desk accessory.

*** UPDATE ***

I checked my e280’s firmware and it’s up to date, so I’d say connectivity remains a little hinky.  Still like this dock a lot.

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If you have a v1 e200 device, you can try switching between the version 18 and the version 24 firmware, to see which version works best with the Altec Lansing.

I’m going to hedge that bet and suggest version 18.

The Altec Lansing iM413 is the coolest thing since the invention of the pre-sliced dill pickle.

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