Sansa Fuse Docking stations.....

Hi, Don´t know if anyone could please advise on whats available for the Fuse…I hear that they are difficult to aquire and can only be imported from the States…I have a Harman Kardon docking station for my IPOD and very pleased with it…but like a plonker i thought the Fuse would work with it too…AS THEY SAY IF IN DOUBT ASK…Would be grateful of any suggestions of any quality playing units out there, Many Thanks Martin

Martin, the best way to find out in your area is to google it, here in the States the only one that makes the Dock or brand that sells it is the Altec Lansing for $78.00, I d not know if I can post the site but in the UK they also have a site it starts with the letter as follows

 Am- --, good luck. 

You can always use your current I Pod dock or whatever  and just connect the Sansa with a 3.5 audio cable to it from the Sansa player.

Of course, don’t ‘dock’ it in an iPod dock as the connectors are completely different between the two players. You won’t get any sound, and there’s a good chance you’ll break your player. Really, the negatives outweigh the positives.

There’s just about one single option for a sansa dock, and that’s the Griffin one. Doesn’t have speakers built in, requires power for the line out to work, but doesn’t come with a AC adapter. If you want portable speakers, just get some portable speakers and don’t bother with the dock. There’s a markup to for Apple to say it plays nice with this iPod, usually

Hi, many thanks for your reply, never thought there would a prob, i will look into Griffin station, cheers martin

Hi, thanks for info, I was going to look into a buying new set up, but I have just looked at the Harman Kardon unit…and it has video, dc, usb and as you mentioned a 3.5 jack audio in…unfortunately i dont have the ´Fuse´ here… question now is, can i get easily a connection from the ´Fuse´to a 3.5 jack…forgive my ignorance on this subject, and play via my existing unit…Thamks for your time, Martin

A 3.5 mm jack is a standard headphone port. You might need to buy a cable for this purpose, equally it might already come with one.

Hi ,many thanks for that, i will check out it came with or get one ordered, thanks again. martin

Even though the Sansa Base Station is designed for use with the ‘E’ & ‘C’ series, you can use the Fuze in it as well. It just won’t have the molded plastic cradle support, but the 30-pin connector is the same. The Fuze’s connector port is also offset instead of centered on the bottom of the unit, but it can be used w/o any insert in the dock at all.

I have had one of these for some time now plugged into the AUX IN jack on my home stereo. It’s how I listen to my e280 90% of the time. I haven’t even used the CD player on the stereo sytem since I got this. It’s even got the cutest little infra-red wireless remote control for it, so volume changes, pause, skip commands can be done from across the room.

I heartily recommend it. :smiley:

Hi, thanks for that info, i think the way to go is as your set up, direct to the hi-fi unit or use my existing unit as this can be battery run and so transportable anyway without power, problem solved and many thanks for your input, Martin