Where can I download Sandisk Media Converter?

I bought a refurbished Fuse from Overstock.com and it did not include and software.

Where can I get the SMC?

I can’t find it on the Sandisk website.


My recommendation would be to forgoe SMC and use VideoForFuze instead. SMC is a horrible video converter. VFF allows for higher quality video at smaller bitrates, which allows a smaller file size.

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MartyLK is right, SMC sucks. I never tried VFF, because my Fuze was alreaqdy gone when they made VFF, but it has to be better than SMC.:wink:

I’ll check it out thanks!

@black_rectangle wrote:

See that little white rectangle up on the left under Welcome? It’s a search box.


If you type in “Sansa Media Converter” you might even find this link:




Of if you just click on Welcome you’ll find a whole list of forums including one with the super secret encrypted name Sansa Media Converter. 

I thought this was the best way to do this.  Loved Black-Rectangles reply on another post. 

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One alterative (which is highly recommended on this forum, but which I’ve not tried YET) is the Video4Fuze: