Where do I find Sansa Media Converter?

I just bought a Sandisk Fuze 8GB on Black Friday at Toy R Us for $49.99 (great deal).  I want to put pictures and video on it but I can’t find where to download SMC anywhere on the Sandisk web site.  The Fuze didn’t come with a CD that I could find.

Why woudl Sandisk sell a MP3 plyer and not have the converter on thier web site?



Hi Bob,

If you download Sansa’s Updater program and run it, it will update the firmware and allow you to download the Media Converter program.  The Updater program is here:


Goodluck and congrats on your new player and the awesome deal!


There is a separate board for the SMC.


Unfortunately it seems you now have to install Sansa Updater and connect the unit before you can download the converter.

Also, you might consider Video4Fuze:


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