When you turn the clip on, it turns off after about 3 seconds.

Ok, weird thing.

Just this morning, I woke up, tried to find where I put my sansa player.

Then I saw it in the living room, FLASHING by itself. It was turning on and turning off by itself. Im like what have I done?

I plug it to a computer and its fine.

Did all the firmware updating, and its still the same problem.

Could it be a battery problem? If so, is there anyway to solve it without contacting the manufacturer?

Unplug it. Slide the Power button up and hold it for 15-20 seconds. The Restart it and see if its any better

It still won’t do it.

EDIT: After I held the power button for 15-20 secs, and restarted it, now its back to turning on-turning off mode by itself again.

Never heard of that before. Format the device using windows, then try to turn it on and if it stays on long enough to do it format from the clip’s internal settings, then reload the player. If you format and it keeeps doing it call SanDisk.

Nope, still nothing. What’s the number for sandisk?

1-866-SanDisk in the US. I dont know about abroad.

Is that toll free?

Should be.

Also, I’d try:  reformat the Clip under the Clip’s Settings; reapply the firmware (see the sticky thread at the top of the forum); and leave it to charge overnight.  Hopefully, one or more of these will help.