Sansa Clip+ powers off after 15 minutes of playback and then its dead for a few hours

After listening to some music for about 15 minutes my Sansa Clip+ “powers off” everytime. By powering off i mean its not shutting down, its off from one second to the next and then its dead. After a few hours i can power it on again and the situation is the same. Its running for about 15 minutes and then *boom* its off and dead again.

I still can connect it to the PC and refreshed the firmware to 01.02.18 but the problem ist still there.

Anyone knows what to do?



Settings/System Settings/Sleep. Make sure it just reads __.

Either that or

  1. your battery is going bad–replacement time

  2. your cord is going bad–you need to replace the cord

The sleep setting isn’t enabled. And if it was i could power on the device again directly after it shut down. But the player doesn’t react to anything for a few hours when its off. When it powers of you don’t see the “sansa”-logo, the screen is just off from one second to the next.

  1. that could be but after a few hours i can power it on again (without charging it before) and i still have nearly a full battery

  2. when i charge it i use different cords which i use with other players too. theres no problem.

That’s pretty bizarre behavior.

You might also check that the card is securely in the slot, or try a different card. Maybe something mechanical is going wrong there.

But when it’s completely off, powered down,  it’s not like there’s some timer in there preventing it from re-starting.

If it’s under warranty, get SanDisk to replace it.

If it’s more than a year old, all you can do is try to get it back to its cleanest software state. When Sansas start acting strange, formatting can help.

That means backing up everything you have put on the unit’s internal memory, because it will be erased. Then  take out the card, Settings/System Settings/Format. You might as well reload the firmware one more time too.

If a format and a firmware update don’t fix it, then it’s probably doomed.

A manual firmware re-application is good to try, to correct firmware glitches.  See the firmware sticky thread at the top of the forum.

I will try to format and reinstall the firmware but it seems to be a battery problem after all. The device is 3 years old so i think a battery change is not worth it. Anyway, thanks for the support.