When to Charge Fuze+

I recently got my Fuze+ for my birthday and I want to know how I should charge.  Like what level is best or if I should go through a few fully charged to completely dead cycles before a regular charging when needed.  Any help would be welcome, thanks!

This thread should be of interest. :smiley:

It’s best to charge whenever convenient.  If you’re working with the computer, simply plug the Fuze+ in for a charge.  The device automatically manages the battery for you.

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Thanks for the link!  I like that the batteries have almost no certain charging needs.

I charge every time that Sansa releases new firmware because you should have at least have half of the battery capacity to ensure a smooth upgrade.  Then I check to see if it’s reponsive with 90% capacity, and if not I put it in my desk drawer.  I have never had it fully discharge in my desk drawer so I rate the battery life as awesome+.  In a few months I check back to see if it’s time to charge again for a new firmware upgrade.

If you’re asking about battery life while in use, I can’t answer that yet.  If it ever becomes reponsive with 90% capacity, I imagine that I’ll be using it daily and I’ll let you know how the batter works in use. 

Life expectancy gets lower the more you charge it.

I did what these guys are suggesting with an older creative Zen and after a while a full charge

would last about 5/10 minutes and it would be dead again…

Bootom line is if you want your device to last dramaticly longer then do the following…

  • Don’t charge unless its close to dead (unless upgrading firmware)

  • Do not plug device in unless there is a good reason.

  • Always make sure to shut off AND Stop media from playing when your done.

 Don’t leave it on the table playing all the time this really REALLY kills it quicker !

Seriously take my advice, i have a collection (graveyard) of lithium ion powered devices, i know what im talking about

Some people don’t care how long their device lasts… i gave this speech to a family member about their laptop + iPhone

and i was told that “I don’t care i’ll buy another one” so if you like throwing money around just ignore me :wink: