Fuze+ Battery life

I just got a Fuze+ this last Friday, replacing an ipod whose battery won’t hold a charge.  Since the battery in the Fuze+ isn’t replaceable, I’m concerned about plugging the Fuze+ into the computer when there’s still juice left in the battery.  Will it lessen the useful lifespan of the battery if I connect it to my computer to transfer music to it and disconnect it without the battery being fully charged?  I’d like the unit to last more than just until the warranty expires.

There’s no problem with plugging it in to add (or delete) a song or two and giving it a little ‘sip’ of battery juice.

The new Li-Po batteries do not have the ‘memory’ like the older ones did, so feel free to plug it in for 2 minutes or 2 hours with no worries.


Please read the above article on lithium batteries. Contrary to NiMh batteries, they don’t like to be fully discharged, and also they prefer not to be fully charged.