How do I fully maximize my battery life?

 Hi, I’m thinking about purchasing a Sansa Fuze, but before I do, I want to know how to fully maximize my battery life. I’ve read a couple other threads about battery life, but I’ve seen two different methods for it.

 I’ve heard that I need to fully charge the Fuze before turning it on, but I’ve also heard that I should turn it on first and let the battery drain all the way before charging. Which is the right method? How many times do I need to do it?

 Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I thought litium batteries don’t retain memory like NiCd do. so you should be able to charge your device to full immediately without having to drain it.  of coruse litium degenerates the charge it can hold over time, but that’s a time counted in years.  so you should be fine.

recharge it straight out the box. i did it that way and i got about 7 hours out of it.

(i never get 24 hours of use out off my fuze)

 Okay, thanks :smiley:. Seven hours doesn’t seem like a lot, though. I heard the Sansa View has longer battery life, but it has buggy firmware.

 I’m stuck between the Fuze and the View.

I would go with the fuze. the view is more buggier than fuze.

 Is the View firmware really that bad? What are the problems with the View?

 Thanks for the help!:smiley:

Thoma is correct, LiIon batteries don’t have “memory” issues like NiCad. The only issue you can run into is that battery meters can get out of calibration when they haven’t seen a full charge and full depletion in several months. On most MP3 players this is usually just a minor annoyance (battery meter not reporting correctly), though I haven’t noticed any such issues with the Fuze (I’ve only had it a few weeks).