What's the advantage of MSC over MTP?

My understanding of the two modes:

MTP - Media Transfer Protocol - for transferring DRM songs and syncing through media management software (such as WMP or MediaMonkey). Before the recent firmware update, this was the default mode for the Clip.

MSC - Mass Storage Capacity - computer recognizes device as a separate drive, similar to a USB flash drive, and assigns a drive letter to the device. Can drag & drop data files as well as media files. Does not support DRM music as it does not carry the licensing data.

From reading this and the anythingbutipod.com forum, I gather that all the techies are highly prejudicial towards the MSC mode.

Why? What advantages does it have over MTP? So far, I’ve been syncing my music (all unprotected), podcasts, Overdrive audio books (DRM protected) and playlists with MTP mode and MediaMonkey all very easily and quickly. What am I missing out by not using MSC? I’d like to be among the enlightened. :smiley:

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if you are happy with it, then why does it matter?

-use on any system (you can’t even seen MTP transfered files in MSC, for when you plug it in non MTP capable computers)
-acts as an actual drive, so you can perform functions on it like tagging, mp3gain (to lower the volume)

-slower transfering
-slower database refreshing
-no playlists(?)
-no battery life %
-can’t disconnect as safely without doing safe removal

that’s off the top of my head

personally, i like MTP better and would use it if the clip had a lower minimum volume.   as a result, I have to use msc and run mp3 gain on it (i don’t want to lower my whole collection’s sounds).   MSC is a regarded standard, but honestly it doesn’t matter too much since clip doesn’t even let you browse by folder.  if that were the case, some people like to do it that way if their files arn’t tagged properly (unknown artists/albums, albums split up under two diff artists/albums) and to maintain ordering of say albums by year if set up that way directory wise. (something i would like)

What’s the advantage of MSC over MTP

MSC Works every time.