Clip operation in MSC, MTP, Auto Detect

I have read most of the listed threads and found some that pertain to the problems I have expereinced with the Clip (I also have an older version of the Sansa and experience the same issues) and both of my computers’ communication issues.  Further more, having read the pertaining threads I have solved those issues, or better yet found a path to clear a way to transfer MP3 files to the Clip and the older Sansa.

What is bothering me is that I would like to find out the following:

1.  Can anyone tell me what the difference is between two different computers (although having the same OS [pro XP SP2]) and the Clip reacting differently to the two different computers?

    a.  An older computer having no issues between MSC and MTP, but:

         1.  while in MSC being reccognized as a flash drive, but does not list music files when the Clip is in MTP mode
         2.  while in MTP being recognized as “other”, but does not list music files when the Clip is in MSC mode.

    b.  Yet a newer computer having MTP issues and no MSC issues.

2.  What is precisely the difference between MSC and MTP in the USB communication mode?

3.  What does MTP and MSC stand for?

Thanks for any and all info on this thread.

Ypu may wish to search on MSC and MTP using the search box above.  I believe that at least some of your questions have been answered before.

Based on what you have described you should set MSC mode and use the device on either computer.

MSC stands for Mass Storage Class,  similar operation as a USB Flash Drive.  Does not work with Music subscription services.

MTP stands for Media Transfer Protocol,  an object based protocol,  used in conjunction with DRM services such as Rhapsody and Napster.  Also used for WM DRM protected audiobook services offered by the public Library.

Content placed on the device is playable by the device from either mode,  but not viewable across modes.

MTP mode does not see MSC content and vice-versa.  You can reformat and transfer all the content in one mode.

Auto Detect is used as default setting.  If the host supports MTP mode it will use it (XP, Vista).  If not it uses MSC (as in Linux and Mac systems).

If you have two systems using the device in different modes you will encounter the issue you describe,  therefore you can force one mode or the other.

Thanks for your input.  This helps me with understanding the protocal between the Clip and computer.