USB mode? MTP and MSC?

May i know what is this MTP and MSC in the USB mode in the system settings of my sansa fuze? thanks! and what about that auto detect?

If you search on this topic its been answered many times,  thanks.

See this post in the Clip forum for details of MSC versus MTP and why you would pick one or the other.

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Yes that was very helpful.  Thanks for the re-direct.  And now I still don’t know what MTP or MSC means.

That post (and link) is almost 3 years old. When the forum got a face-lift and board consolidation several months ago, a lot of old links were broken.

You should be able to find your answer by simply using the Search function (upper right-hand corner of any page), but in short  . . . MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) is used for DRM-encrypted files (where you don’t _ own _ them) and needs Windows Media Player for the transfer (or ‘sync’). MSC (Mass Storage Class) allows your player to be seen as just another flash storage device (think memory stick or thumb drive) so you can simply drag & drop or copy & paste your files from one location to the other. :wink:

If Auto Detect finds Windows Media Player 10 or above on your computer, it will choose MTP mode. The idea was to provide something like iTunes/iPod compatibility, playlists and synching. Unfortunately, Windows Media Player is not quite as ■■■■■-proof, either for users or its programmers.

If Auto Detect doesn’t find WMP, then it should go to MSC. But it’s better to set one or the other and leave it that way.

Also: Your computer can only see files that were transferred by one mode at a time. If you sent files via MTP and then switch your Fuze to MSC, your computer won’t see the MTP files. Likewise with MSC.

MSC is the way to go.  Simple.  However I never realized that about DRM-tunes.

This may be confusing the issue of DRM files & MTP mode, but I actually use DRM-protected audiobooks exclusively in MSC mode.  So while MTP is a good idea to try if you’re having issues with DRM, it’s not necessarily always required.  I’ve been using MSC mode with Overdrive for at least 2 years on the Fuze and Clip, and continue to use MSC & Overdrive on the Clip+.  MSC mode is my preference.

I switched my Sansa Fuze to MSC mode so I could successfully rename my folders. But my computer doesn’t see anything on my internal memory, like you said. Is there a way to make the computer see the music in the internal memory?

Delete it in MTP mode and then readd it in MSC mode.